Integrity Program

Since its creation almost 90 years ago, Albanesi has grown in a responsible way thanks to its efficient administration, positive leadership, transparent behavior and a clear focus on the development of our main activities: gas commercialization and generation of electrical energy.

These terms can be found in the Code of Ethics and Conduct. We believe that the will and commitment of the organization must come from their leaders. And we, as leaders, must guarantee a "compliance culture", implementing and reinforcing control and prevention measures. With that in mind, we believe it is essential to implement new policies that will contribute to this organizational culture we intent to maintain.

It is essential for all of us who interact with Albanesi to become familiar with the Code of Ethics and Conduct, no matter the role we play. The Code works as guidance on how to behave in uncertain situations that may arise from businesses and guarantees an ethical and respectful work environment.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct compiles the existing principles and values of Grupo Albanesi and will be regularly reviewed to ensure that all legislative changes that may occur, as well as the best market practices, are reflected.

I have full confidence in the professional behavior of all the employees to comply with and make sure everyone complies with the Code, and to avoid taking risks that may damage our reputation, financial situation or assets.

Armando Losón (h)