News and new projects

Central Térmica M Maranzana

Civil works began to increase the installed capacity of the Modesto Maranzana Thermal Power Plant through the execution of the Cycle Closure project, awarded under the framework of Resolution 287. With the implementation of this project, 125 MW of efficient capacity are added To the system.

Central Térmica Ezeiza

Generación Mediterránea started the works to expand Ezeiza Power Plant installed capacity, through the implementation of the Closing cycle project, awarded under Resolution 287. With the implementation of this project, 150 MW of efficient capacity will be added to the system.

Central Térmica Cogeneración Timbues

FEB. 2019. End of second phase of the project with the production and sale of steam to a private client which uses it in its production process. In this way the company is fully operational, generating electricity through a 170 MW turbine and producing steam through a 240-ton recovery boiler.

Grupo Albanesi

OCT.2017 Grupo Albanesi was awarded 3 projects to install 383 MW of new capacity. These were a cogeneration project of 108 MW in the province of Santa Fe to sell steam and electrical energy, and two closing cycle projects: 125 MW in Modesto Maranzana, Cordoba and 150 MW in Ezeiza, Buenos Aires.

Expansion plan

1350 MW
Installed Capacity
275 MW
Under construction
1625 MW
Projected Capacity
125 MW Under construction
Central Térmica M. Maranzana
Río Cuarto, Córdoba
150 MW Under construction
Central Térmica Ezeiza
Ezeiza, Buenos Aires