Alba Jet S.A. - Commercial air transport

In the early months of 2006 Alba Jet S.A. entered the commercial air transportation business.

In October 2007, the Argentine Transportation Secretariat authorized the company to operate domestic and international non-scheduled air transportation services for passengers, cargo and mail, using small aircrafts. It also obtained the certificate of air services operators, which gives Alba Jet autonomy regarding the company's commercial operation.

The fleet of Alba Jet S.A. comprises four aircrafts:

• Aircraft Challenger 350 - (year 2017) LV - HAT

• Helicopter BELL 429 (year 2015) LV - GQJ

Currently, Alba Jet is based in the International Airport of San Fernando, where it has a modern hangar of approximately 1500 square meters of covered surface, and capacity to store third parties' aircrafts and perform platform operations.

It has an office space, parking and reception areas for passengers of domestic flights authorized to flight from the hangar.